Eurohuolinta Oy

Our two offices and warehouses are located in the city of Lappeenranta, in the centre and the other one in Mustola, that stands 10 kilometers away from the city centre.

Both locations are easily reached no matter where you're headed.

Our company offers versatile services. In addition to forwarding services, we operate with all kinds of transit services: truck transports, railway and also flight transports all over the world.

We take care of your exports and imports, as well as unloading and warehousing.

Our warehouses are approved by Customs and therefore meet the requirements of the export and import law.

We take care of your exports and imports, all over the world.

International operations set special demands for logistic companies.

Eurohuolinta Oy responds to these requirements by experience gathered through several years.

The goals of our operations are flexibility and dynamicity: we continuously develop our activities to meet the changing needs of our customers, that operate in Finland, Russian or world-wide.

Our staff consists of forwarding experts that are skilled in languages. We have for example several employees that speak fluent Russian.

One notable asset of our company is the location: the warehouses are located near to the railways. This reduces the unnecessary and costly tranports.

Closeness of the Russian border is also important factor for our customers. Also our partners in Russia are experts in forwarding.

Our modern and safe warehouses lies in the city of Lappeenranta next to the railways.

In the centre of Lappeenranta (street address Leijerintie 4) we have 4500 m of storage space and 40000m container field.

Our other storage, 14 000 m is located near Mustola harbour, that stands 10 kilometres from the city centre.


Monday - Friday

Leijerintie 4
53500 Lappeenranta

  Office 8:00-16:00
Warehouse 7:00-15:30

Terminaalinkatu 2
53420 Lappeenranta
Warehouse 06:00-14:00


Tel. +358(0)401956560

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